I always thought I would have life all figured out at 28. However, right now it seems to be less figured out than ever. I have spent my years mostly single, serial dating, and falling in love with those I couldn’t have and shutting down those I could.

I am looking for something. Somedays I am not sure what that is. It has caused me to live in several cities and make some questionable decisions along the way. One thing is certain… my life has not been boring thus far. My most recent move landed me in South Florida with three of my best girlfriends. We have had two years filled with all sorts of adventures, some good and some naughty.

The greatest thing I didĀ in my new venture down south was changing my eating/exercise habits and body. I learned that health is a lifestyle and not just a quick cleanse or diet. I was never overweight but I did loose 20 pounds and have maintained it for three years with moderate exercise and diet. I don’t feel it is my whole life but it is a part of it and possibly the only thing I can truly control.

I am here to share some pretty hilarious and messy moments in my dating history. Please be warned some of the posts under the Love category may be a little R-Rated. I am certainly a wild child and I refuse to let anyone judge me for my past… I don’t regret a second.

Along with my love life, I am excited to share some clean eating advice and my expertise in produce. I have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to variety and seasonality of fruits and veggies. I also have quick and easy snack and meal ideas for the lazy like myself. I don’t believe that eating right takes 5 hours of meal prep every Sunday.

This is an open forum for the non-haters and lovers of life, experience, and love. Let’s not tear each other down ladies. Some of us may live alternative lifestyles but remember that just because it is different, it doesn’t mean it is wrong.

I leave you with this song lyric and the last passage of a beautifulĀ end of life analysis by Mother Teresa called ‘Do it Anyway’

“When it’s said and done it’s just yourself that you are facing.” -Kottonmouth Kings

“It was never between you and them anyway.” -Mother Teresa

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