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A Classic Mixup

Posted By on October 5, 2016 in Love


Sometimes keeping all your men in order can be tricky…

It is a Friday night on Broadway in Nashville. My dad is in town to visit me and we are out drinking Budweiser at the honky-tonks. I meet a guy by the name of Matthew. We proceed to hang out all night. He even buys my dad some beers. At the end of the night I leave him with my number.

The next day I get a text message that reads as follows, “Hey Rachel, it’s Matt, just wondering if you would like to grab a drink some time.” My response is yes, and we set a date, time and place.

A few days later I arrive at said meeting spot and breeze by a guy I work with as I rush inside to find Matt for our date. I am surprised to find that I cannot locate him when I walk in and also wondering why this guy from work is following me in when I told him I was meeting someone…

I spend a few more minutes looking around like a hopeless fool when I say to the guy from work, “Gee this is weird I was supposed to meet this guy Matthew here but and he said he was here.”

Work guy then looks at me and says, “Yes me, Matt, I texted you the other day and you are meeting me.”

Why did this not occur to me? It was a classic mix up of Matts. I felt so awful. At this point it was clear that I didn’t think I was going out with work Matt and I tried to save the situation by saying I was so glad it was him and not the other guy.

The truth is, I wasn’t interested in work Matt. I was forced to play it off as a “just friends” date and even insisted we split the bill. Passing him at work was certainly a little awkward the next day. Poor guy.


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